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NOTICE: Due to recent updates on Google we have to undergo serious and major updates. Therefor we cannot under good conscience currently offer this software.

Hi! My name is Russ and I created this powerful software because like you, I help small businesses with their local online marketing! I’ve been doing it since retiring from owning my own local construction company in 2009 and I’ve been a regular small business owner for the last 20 years! Heck if I were still running my construction company I could be one of your clients!

I remember always getting a crap load of phone calls about getting to the first page of Google! It all started in 2008 when I was in Georgia working like crazy! I had been managing my own companies for 20+ years and started with online marketing in 2003!

I learned by making a lot of mistakes with all the “Online” stuff, so in 2009 I started helping local businesses with their online marketing, it was the perfect exit from the grind of running a multitrade construction company! By the way I’ve also owned a Bridal Gown store and a Japanese Restaurant so one thing is for sure, as I approach 50, I understand the mind of most small business owners!

My First Big Hurdle! Research Time!

I immediately found that research time was killing me! I didn’t want to just target any business owner, I was focusing on Google Places, now called Google Local Plus.

The problem was, I was constantly switching back and forth between Google’s regular organic search results and going back over to Google Places search results to find that perfect lead. TIME SINK!

Back in the day when I started there weren’t any software tools available that gathered the data I wanted from Google Places/Local Plus, so you can see why research time was hampering my efforts to find the exact type of businesses I wanted.

I was looking for businesses that were in the (Ranking Sweet Spot), that’s usually between the 3rd through 5th page of Google. I learned that getting in touch with businesses in the (RSS) took a lot less actual work too get them to the top of Google!

This worked out great for me because results came a lot quicker for my clients which made them very happy!

So anyway, I have this major problem

Research time was absolutely killing me and sometimes I thought to myself, screw it; just start contacting every one. I had to remind myself that getting the most targeted leads for my offer was one of the main ingredients to having a better sales rate and new paying clients.

So finding these highly targeted businesses and gathering the right data was a major issue! There were no tools that really worked specifically for Google Local Plus!

No one had what I needed or solved my problem!

I wanted to simply fire up a tool… conduct simple research… find the perfect lead… contact them without using a bunch of other tools and systems… and make money by selling them!

And that’s exactly what I created!

GPSCRAPER The #1 Local Plus Lead Getting Tool!

That’s true as many of our users will tell you!

Here is a real short video to show you how I find 2000 leads in minutes!


It wasn’t enough for me to just get the right data, I needed to find the exact prospect I was targeting AND have it make contact with each targeted lead!

So I built in very powerful sales tools enabling me to set up customized sales pages, build email lists, send prospecting emails in text or HTML, include custom video slide shows and the best thing is I made the software do it all for me!

That’s why I said

  • Start the Software
  • Conduct the Research
  • Contact the Perfect Leads
  • Make the Money
Your Time Is Always Best Spent Talking With Qualified Prospects
Wouldn’t it be better to only contact businesses about their Google reviews if you are offering reputation management?


Wouldn’t it be better to only talk to businesses that need a little extra help with SEO, help you can charge for?


How about those who provide Facebook services like fan page creation and management? If GPScraper says there are “no mentions” of the business on Facebook you know right then and there the lead probably doesn’t have a Facebook business Fan page!


Lets say you work on Google Local Plus listings for clients and you want to find new businesses who already have listings but need help optimizing and completing them!

Here’s What You Do

Make GPScraper do all the hard work gathering all the targeted research for you, then have GPScraper leverage the sales contact tools by sending out the emails it found which can direct each lead to their own customized introduction sales page of you!

Now all you you’re  doing is taking calls, or replying to emails about your services and you better be making sales too!

Now That’s Time Better Spent!

However, There Are Problems With Software Tools Like This


I don’t know about you! But I’ve bought my fair share of software tools and plugins only to learn later that the creator doesn’t maintain the product and kept it updated, or they don’t provide support or at very best minimal support. Sometimes they just move on to the next new project that’s the latest and greatest flash in the pan!

Let me tell explain to you that we’ve got most of our original members who got GPScraper when I first released it back in February of 2011!

We have constantly keep the software updated so it continued to work through the many changes Google has made, and it even works with Google’s new Local Plus pages!

We’ve answered every single support ticket for the past 2 years and we don’t intend on stopping now!


“When Russ asked me to check out his app, I wasn’t sure what they were trying to do – but as soon as I ran it, I realized EXACTLY what was going on. This thing is an awesome lead generation tool for folks just starting out… all the way up to seasoned marketing veterans who are looking for an innovative account entry strategy.”
Michael Hiles

“When i first ran the GP Scraper I was a bit confused … “Why do I need this and that and all this over here” to work on my Google Places results? Then after Russ explained to me what an ignorant question that was – an ENORMOUS Light Bulb went on!  Not only does the GP Scraper tell you exactly how to kick your competitions butt …. but it tells you exactly what clients to go get and how to secure more business … Russ has created yet another CLOSING tool for CLOSERS Only”
Steve Aylor

“What an amazing piece of software! It’s simple to use but gives quick, razor sharp results in a number of key areas. No fuss, no fluff – just the facts. Using this software has saved me hours in research and collation of vital data.  In fact, I’d go as far to say, the results pages you get are enough to close deals – because no prospect wants to see they are falling behind their competitor! The beauty of it is I can offer my services to the right type of clients using this highly targeted data.  This is THE software for 2011 for all offline consultants!”
Venessa Reece, Geekette Marketing

“I’ve been a GP Scraper beta customer for about 1 month now, and am truly blown away by the power of this tool. In the short while I’ve been using it, I was able to identify the reason why 4 different local SEO customers Google Places listing were stuck on page 2. I then corrected the issues, and 3 of the 4 are near the top of the “merged listings”, while the other one is now Letter “A” in the old “7-pak”!!!  Perhaps more importantly, I’ve used the tool to prospect for new clients. The reporting features in the tool make it very easy to identify “warm” prospects who could immediately benefit from my services. The uses for the tool are numerous – I expect to find many more ways to greatly increase both my monthly revenues and reduce my time to deliver value for each local SEO client.  Russ – you’ve truly outdone yourself!”
Brain Anderson & Peachtree SEO Inc.

“This software, terrific. The fact of the matter is that it breaks down the competition and gives it all to you at a glance. When you have somebody on the phone and you are trying to get a deal done..time is of the essence. This software will give you that info that you need in time.”
Charles Harper & Harper Academy

“You really hit this one out of the park. I had to send reports to 12 prospects today in 8 different niches and GP Scraper just breezed into action. This has replaced a similar priced product that I had but GP Scraper has so much more. And the customer service is second to none.”
Charles Wanderless & Rhino Marketing

“Hi Russ, No wonder you have been “MIA” from the forum for most of the past month. This thing is a monster and will add “MASSIVE” value to our offline business and boost our “take home pay”. We expect to at least Double or Triple our Income using this. In this current economic climate Businesses want proof that “we offliners know what we are talking about”. This tool will do just that – talk about instant credibility.

BTW – just wanted to let you know that this is BY FAR the BEST Google Places tool we have EVER seen and USED.
And we have a bunch of them. Don’t Run, don’t walk to the order button – SPRINT as fast as you can. Awesome tool. Thanks Rus
Regards, Bronwyn and Keith”
Bronwyn and Keith & Assuie Marketing

“Hey Russ, I picked up the software a few days ago but just got around to trying it out today. There’s a particular prospect I’ve been trying to see but couldn’t get a face to face with him. I did a keyword search on his niche using your software, called my prospect, shared some data your software pulled for me and 5 minutes later I have an appointment with him on Monday. One search, one call, one appointment. Pretty powerful stuff your software is. Saved a bunch of time and gave me the info I needed to get the appointment. I’ll print off some reports for the appointment and expect to close some business with him on Monday.

Thanks, man.”
Wayne Walters
“Rus, Awesome job! Just the analysis part would be worth the price of this, the marketing stuff is just icing on the top. Like I have said, I was doing this stuff by hand up to now and it was horribly time consuming. I am thankful that I didn’t have to spend the time developing something on my own. Again awesome job, best money I have spent in a long time. This product is a “game changer” product”
A Kula, Warrior Forum Member
“I’ve been observing the 3 Google Places software in this forum and found that yours so far have several comments from users who actually use it and have landed an appointment with clients just hours after they use it. What differentiates your software and the others is its ability to be able to give us the html report with the comparative analysis that we can upload right away to our domain! The other ones do not have that!”
CoolMomma, Warrior Forum Member
“I’ve been using GPScraper  (Google Places Scraper) for the last couple of days and I love it.  The tool gives you everything you would  get by looking at a Places Page, the number of citations, pictures, category etc.  Every time I use it I get more ideas on lead generation, sale closing and reporting!”
Author Name & Company

[testimonail1 author="Scott Nelson"]Hi Russ, I just requested to be added to the gpscraper group and thought I’d touch base with you and give you the paypal I bought under (it’s different from my facebook email address) I’ve had GPScraper for almost a year now and it’s amazing! You blow me away Russ. it’s people like you that make things happen. I’m watching some of the webinars on the GPScraper site again right now, forgot just how amazing they were. Those webinars are worth priceless. The candor you express is amazing![/testimonial1]


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